Full archival service package for the British photographer Martin Parr, including scanning, publications and exhibitions.

Master scans and master pigment proofs for Richard Billinghams ‘Rays a Laugh’, published by Mack 2024

Negatives scanned and colour graded for advertising usage ‘Petar Petrov  - Summer 23’,
Clémentine Schneidermann, 2022

Slides scanned, cleaned and colour perfected for prints sold to the Tate, Sir Horace Ove, 2023

Hartford MFA show ‘Notes from a Detour‘ exhibition prints for Mico Toldero, 2022

Collectors prints for ‘Lips Touched with Blood’ by Sarah Waiswa, 2021

Pre-press and colour assistance for Chris Hoare’s ‘Seven Hills’ published by RRB Photobooks, 2023

Pre-press colour management collaboration
with ICVL Studio for ‘Teen Spirit’ by Vincen Beekman, 2022

Exhibition prints for several photographers as part of ‘Generations; Portraits of Holocaust survivors’, initially opened in the Imperial War Musum and now held at the Royal Photographic Society, 2021

Slides scanned, cleaned and mastered plus pre-press CMYK management for book ‘Sofa Project’ by Colin Pantall, 2022

Close work & prints alongside music photographer Tom Ham and his close collaboration with the IDLES band, 2024

Editioned portfolio prints from 'Keywork' for
Chris Hoare, 2021

John Myers - The Portraits - Negative Scans and Retouching for book, 2018

‘Agony in the Garden’ Series fully produced for NFT’s, editioned prints plus exhibition prints for; ‘Close Enough: New Perspectives from 12 Women Photographers of Magnum’ at International Centre of Photography, New York, 2022

Pre-press scan improvement and special edition print for ‘Agua’ by Denise Ariana Pérez - Guest Editions, 2021

Peter Mitchell- Viking Space Mission - Negative Scans and Retouched for Book, 2017

Negative Scanning, retouching and colour balancing for ‘Profunda’ by Lua Ribeira, 2021

Prints for the group exhibition Islands & Myths by Jon Tonks shown at Belfast Exposed, Belfast, 2018

Exhibition prints for ‘The Fish that never Swam’ by Kirsty Mackay. They are part of an acquisition to the National Galleries Scotland permanant collection and are currently on show in the ‘Counted’ exhibition at the National Portrait Galley, Edinburgh, 2022

Negatives scanned, cleaned and printed as large format exhibition prints for artist, Esther May Campbell, 2022

Exhibition and collectors prints for Lua Ribeira as part of Bristol Photo Festival, 2021

Negative scans, retouching and portfolio prints of ‘The Floating Harbour’ for Jem Southam, 2021

Jon Tonks - Editioned prints for the project ‘Empire’ by the British photographer Jon Tonks

Flatbed scans of prints for the exhibition ‘In Your Face’ by Paul Trevor shown at the Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, 2018

Contact sheet and negative retouching for ‘Lost Dreams’ by Simon Wheatley, 2022

Simon Wheatley - Archive scanning and retouching, 2014-Present

Vinca Petersen - Flatbed scans of prints for the British photographer Vinca Petersen

Collector prints for Bristol Photo Festival and installation experimentation with Jessa Fairbrother, 2022

Negative Scans and retouching for the Book ‘Something means some thing to Everyone’ by Peter Mitchell, 2015

Jem Southam - Negative scans for the book ‘The Moth’ published by MACK, 2018

Negative scans and retouching for the book ‘Looking at the Overlooked’, by John Myers, 2019

Marketa Luscakova - By the Sea - Negative scanning and Retouching for Book and Exhibition

Amak Mahmoodian - Negatives scans for the book ‘Zanjir’ co-published by IC Visual Labs/RRB Photobooks, 2019

Marc Vallée - Negative scans for the British photgrapher Marc Vallée

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